Charlotte ESPOSITO

Fondatrice & Directrice


Charlotte Esposito

Founder & Director

Charlotte is a marine biologist and has been studying cetaceans around the world for 10 years. Her previous work focused on ecology and cetaceans behavior. With her rich experience being a coordinator in various past projects, Charlotte now believes in the science-society interface.
Now that she is based in Tahiti since 2013, she considers the founding of Oceania as an amazing opportunity to raise awareness on French Polynesia's cetaceans.

Anthony Lagant


Passionate about the ocean, Anthony joined the French Navy when he was 17. He gains experience on and under water around the world, including in Tahiti, and gets trained for scuba diving, trimix tech-diving and rebreather diving.
He joins various underwater archeological expeditions but his love for the marine life of Tahiti and her islands brings him back in Moorea in 2006 where he decides to settle down. Today, he does underwater filming and work as a naturalist guide.
It was obvious for Anthony to join our devoted team.

Kévin Cuevas


Kevin has always been passionated about the ocean and its wildlife and that's what brings him to pursue studies in marine biology and marine ecology.
For 5 years before obtaining a master degree, he commited in various projects such as conservation, more specically for red tuna in the Mediteranean sea, and training, in a marine park. That's what leads Kevin to pursue into teaching.
He now works as a teacher at Moorea's agricultural high school. Being dedicated to OCEANIA was obvious to him as we wants to keep on raising awareness for cetaceans to his students so they can spread the word.

Mauiiti Tetu


Mauiiti works as a seaman on the Terevau ship that operates between the islands of Tahiti and Moorea.
He learns about the organization thanks to our surveillance project "Survey Sanctuary" that ran during the 2018 humpack whales season.
He actively participates to the observations at that time and willing to protect his country's resources, he decides to join OCEANIA to officially commit.

Tahia Mere

 Assistant Secretary

Tahia was one of the 15 participants of the ARURU project of 2018.
She was at first just curious about learning more about cetaceans, but she quickly realized the importance of the environement of her country.
Our cause then becomes hers as well and she decides to join OCEANIA in 2019 to engage and do more.

Malau Lemonnier

Team member

Communication & Education

Malau has always been dedicated to our organization since it was founded as she literally fell in love with humpback whales the minute she met one of them underwater. Her knowledge in social media marketing leaded her to join us as such.

scientific committee

Philippe Verborgh



This true passionate pursued marine biology studies in the UK, including a Master on marine mamals.
Philippe worked for 15 years as a researcher in southern Spain for CIRCE Organization (Conservation, Information and Research on cetaceans) and stayed there for his thesis on black pilot whales.
He has been based in Madeira since 2017 where he works as a researcher for Madeira Whale Museum, more specifically studying demographics using the "capture-recapture" method.
Philippe is very much considered as an experienced researcher as he accounts more than 1000 days at sea for studies on cetaceans, sea turtles and seabirds.
During these past campaigns, he used various methods such as photo identification, biopsies, individual monitoring, support on satellite beacons deployment, etc.

Antoine Simond,


PhD Student

Fond of marine mamals since he was a child, Antoine gains interest on current issues such as pollution, human impact, climate change, etc. that are considered a real threats for cetaceans.
Antoine actually pursued ecotoxicology studies and his researches focus on the effects of organic contaminants of human behavior origins, more specifically endocrine disrupters such as halogenated flame retarders.
In order to study these, he specialized in using genomic and metabolomic tools.
He does focus on raising awareness and sharing knowledge to the public.

Romy Ricci,



Romy comes from the Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) and has been studying cetaceans over there, more particularly humpack whales, for more than 4 years.
She focuses on integrated maritime activities along with marine resources conservation.
Since Romy was 17, she has been acting in various similar organizations to share her knowledge and to raise awareness as she strongly believes in dialogue between the various actors to allow a good consensus.

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